Case study

Kia Motors

Kia Motors - eureka

The brief

How do you communicate with a car manufacturer's customers, when they're not obsessed with their cars?

The challenge

Create a lifestyle magazine to mirror Kia's brand values that unearths fresh thinking, innovation and an alternative perspective on life.

Editorial response

Every page of every issue of eureka is original - that means no standing pages, no repeats, and definitely a dose of fresh thinking on every article that makes it inside the issue. While the cars may be the stars, eureka ensures that each feature resonates with the target audience through PSP Rare's in-depth knowledge of Kia and its range, a passion for effective communication, combined with bundles of creativity.


eureka was evaluated as part of the APA Advantage Study. It revealed that the magazine has a higher than average brand appeal, brand affinity and was highly relevant to readers. A staggering 85 per cent of respondents said they had read the latest issue, with time spent reading rated at 32 minutes - well above the industry average of 25 minutes. The study concluded that eureka has definitely added incremental value to Kia.

eureka won the 2006 CiB Gold Award for Best External Publication.